OUCET Faculties of Arts and Social Sciences Syllabus & Exam Pattern

OUCET Faculties of Arts and Social Sciences Syllabus & Exam Pattern: 

OUCET Post graduate courses are Faculties of Arts and Social Sciences, PG Diploma courses 5 Years Integrated Courses syllabus topics and exam pattern are here for the candidates who are appearing for the OUCET exam. Again faculties of arts and social sciences has many courses OUCET exam. Check here for the separate OUCET Telugu, Hindi, English, Urdu, Sanskrit, Tamil courses syllabus & exam pattern.

Name of the Examination: OUCET

Syllabus and Exam Pattern:

Part-A: Classical poetry; Modern Poetry- 40 Marks
Part-B: History of Literature, Criticism, Andhra Culture, Prosody, figures of Speech, Grammer (Sandhi & Samasa)- 60 Marks.

Part-A: Spelling of Words, Correct form of sentences, Basic Grammar (Gender, Case, Tense Number), Meaning of the words- 40 Marks
Part-B: History of Hindi Literature; Basic Hindi Grammar (Theory); Hindi, Prose, Poetry and Fiction etc; General Awareness about Hindi Language and Literature- 60 Marks.

Part-A: Vocabulary (Antonyms, Synonyms, Single word substitutes), Grammar, Correction of sentences (Spotting the error), Spelling- 40 Marks
Part-B: History of Literature, Literary terms, Authors and Books, General Awareness of Literature in English- 60 Marks.

Part-A: Declensions : Marking the correct declensional form as indicated, Marking the correct Vibhakti as indicated, Conjugation : Marking the correct Tinganta verbal forms, Marking the correct lakara-tense and mood. Samasas Compounds : Marking the correct vigrahvakya, Marking the correct samasas against given vigrahavakya- 40 Marks Part-B: Sandhis: Joining the words, Disjoin the sandhis. Kridantas: Marking the correct Kridanta form. Alankaras: Identify alankara, Define alankara. History of Literature: Identifying the poet. Identifying the text- 60 Marks.

Part-A: Eluthu, Chol, Porul, Correct the sentence- 40 Marks
Part-B: Aathi Choodi, Thirukkural, Periya Puranam, General Knowledge (Pertaining to Tamil language cum literature).

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