TS DEECET|DIETCET Syllabus and Exam Pattern for D.Ed

TSTS DEECET|DIETCET Syllabus and Exam Pattern for D.Ed:

Telangana DEECET|DIETCET exam pattern and syllabus are available here for the intermediate candidates for D.Ed diploma courses admission. After applying for the dietcet exam students may prepare for the exam as per the syllabus. If candidates preparation is based on the exam pattern and syllabus, they may get good marks in the exam.

Scheme of DEECET|DIETCET Examination: Question paper shall be in Telugu/English and Urdu/English. Test consists of 100 questions, each question carries one mark so total test is for 100 marks. And duration of exam will be Two hours.

Topics No of Questions Marks
Part I  a)General Knowledge 5 5
b)Teaching Aptitude test 5 5
Part II a) General English 10 10
b) Telugu/urdu/Tamil 20 20
Part III a)  Mathematics 20 20
b) Physical Sciences 10 10
c) Biological Sciences 10 10
d) Social Studies 20 20
Total 100 100

DIETCET/DEECET Syllabus: D.Ed admission course entrance test syllabus consists of 3 parts and topics are mentioned in above (scheme of examination). Part I i.e., General Knowledge, Teaching Aptitude test these two topics are general topics. And for Part II, Part III syllabi is from the Classes VIII to X of A.P State Syllabus.


 a)General Knowledge: Measurements of diff sports, The 1st persons in various category, Famous places for mineral, Famous industrial places in India, Famous Volcanoes in world, Cups & Trophies associated with Games and Sports, Tallest, Highest, Largest, Longest, Biggest, Deepest and Smallest in world, Largest, Longest and Highest in India, Sobriquets – India, World-Sobriquets,  National Emblems of Different Countries, Countries and Currencies, Countries – Parliaments,  New and Old Names of Places and Countries, National Flowers of Different Countries,  World Institutions – Founders, World & India Popular Names – Persons, World’s & India important famous Fathers, Topics regarding to the Important Days, Dances, Dancers, Vocalists, Vehicles, Publications and etc.
b) Teaching Aptitude test: Teaching Aptitude I, Teaching Aptitude II, Teaching Aptitude III. Questions regarding the School atmosphere.


a) General English: Correct Verb Usage, Preposition, Articles and Question Tags, Common Grammatical Errors, Parts of Speech, Choose the Right Answers, If and Unless, It and It’s time,Important Spellings, Should / Ought to, Textual Grammar, Word Formation.
b) Telugu/urdu/Tamil: ప్రాచీన కవుల పరిచయాలు, ఆధునిక కవులు, రచయితలు – పరిచయాలు, సంధులు, ఛందస్సు,  కవులు – రచయితలు – వారి సేవలు-కాలాదులు-కావ్యాలు, కవులు, రచయితలు – విశేషాంశాలు, వాక్య భేదాలు, వ్యాకరణం – అలంకారాలు, ప్రక్రియలు – లక్షణాలు – వివరణలు.


a) Mathematics: Sets,Statements,  Polynomials Over Integers, Linear Programming, Real numbers, Functions, Progressions, Binomial Theorem, Geometry (Similar Polygons, Tangents to a circle), Analytical Geometry,Trigonometry, Matrices, Graphical Solutions of Quardrant, Statistics, Computing.
b) Physical Sciences: Modern Physics, Current Electricity, Magnetism, Measurement of Length, Light, Dynamics, Our Universe – Gravitation,Kinematics, Sound, Electro Magnetic Spectrum. Chemistry: Atomic Structure, Chemical bond, Solutions, Periodic Classification of Elements, Acids-Basis-Salts, Alkaline Earth Metals, Carbohydrates and Proteines, Chemistry & Industry, Oils & Fats, Chemistry of Carbon Compound.
c) Biological Sciences: Photosynthesis as a Life Process,Respiration, Organs of Respiration in Animals, Transport System, Structure and Function of Human Heart.
d) Social Studies: Rampur a Village Economy, The world between wars, India Relief Features, Climate of India, Indian Rivers And Water Resources, People, People & Settlements, Ideas of Development – Production and Employment, Information skills and etc.

Dear students Syllabi of DEECET|DIETCET is mentioned above. May extra topics will added. So, for clear information about syllabus check official website.

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