OUCET AIHCA|MCJ|M.L.I.Sc|Theatre Arts Syllabus & Exam Pattern

OUCET AIHCA|MCJ|M.L.I.Sc|Theatre Arts Syllabus & Exam Pattern:

OUCET Post graduate courses are Faculties of Arts and Social Sciences, PG Diploma courses 5 Years Integrated Courses syllabus topics and exam pattern are here for the candidates who are appearing for the OUCET exam. Again faculties of arts and social sciences has many courses OUCET exam. Check here for the separate OUCET Ancient Indian History Culture and Archeology (AIHCA), Master of Communication and Journalism (MCJ), Master of Library and Information Science (M.L.I.Sc), Theatre Arts courses syllabus & exam pattern.

Name of the Examination: OUCET

Syllabus and Exam Pattern:

Ancient Indian History Culture and Archeology (AIHCA):
Part–A: Fundamentals of Indian Archaeology, Indian Art and Architecture– 40 Marks
Part–B: Indian History from the earliest time to the present day including political, social, economic, religious and cultural aspects– 60 Marks.

Master of Communication and Journalism (MCJ):

Subject Marks
Part A Comprehension of a passage 10
Sentence Construction 5
Identify Grammatical Mistakes 5
Spelling 5
Antonyms and Synonyms 10
Logic & resoning 5
Part B Media Awareness 20
Current Affairs 20
General Awareness 10
Words Frequently used in Media 10

Master of Library and Information Science (M.L.I.Sc):
Part–A: 1. Library Classification 2. Library Cataloguing 3. Library Management– 40 Marks
Part – B: 1. Reference and Information Sources and Services 2. Library and Society 3. Introduction to Computers– 60 Marks.

Theatre Arts:
Part–A: 1. World Theatre – History and Development of World Theatre (Greek, Britain, German, France, Japan, Russian, Poland, American) 2. Sanskrit Theatre – The History of Sanskrit Theatre, Major Playwrights and their contribution– 40 Marks
Part–B: 1. Folk Theatre Forms of Andhra Pradesh – Major and Marginal folk forms of A.P. with special reference to Veedhi Natakam, Burra Katha, Oggu Katha and Puppetry. 2. (a) Telugu Theatre: History and development of Telugu Theatre (1860 to upto date) – Major Playwrights, Plays, Associations, Actors, Directors and their contribution. i) Origin of Telugu Theatre, ii) Padya Natakam (Musical Theatre), iii) Modern Telugu Theatre and iv) Modern Street Theatre (b) Indian Theatre– 40 Marks

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